About Northeast Hydraulics Inc.

Northeast Hydraulics located in Kittery, ME and established in June of 1976, primary business is the sales and service of hydraulic equipment. We can serve your needs of shipping in stock parts same day to designing hydraulic systems from the ground up.

Hydraulic Equipment Questions?We have 30 plus years of experience in the manufacturing, sales and service of hydraulic equipment including Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Filter Carts, Hydraulic Control Valves, & Hydraulic Modular Valves. Our company offers a full range of services for all your hydraulic equipment needs. You can feel confident that the experts at Northeast Hydraulics will help you every step of the way in assessing and delivering your needs and solutions.

Portable Hydraulic Drum Cart Hydraulic Filter Cart
Portable Hydraulic Drum Carts Hydraulic Filter Carts
Hydraulic Control Valve Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Control Valves Hydraulic Power Units